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IS 300



IS SERIES CMOS CAMERA: OPTSCOPES IS SERIES CMOS camera is an ultra-high performance CMOS camera and it adopts ultra-high performance CMOS sensor as the image-picking device. USB2.0 is used as the data transfer interface.

     IS SERIES CMOS camera hardware resolutions range come with the Integrated zinc aluminium alloy compact housing.

     IS SERIES CMOS Camera comes with advanced video & image processing application OPTView; Providing Windows/Linux/OSX multiple platform SDK; Native C/C++, C#/VB.NET, DirectShow, Twain Control API;

     The IS SERIES CMOS CAMERA can be widely used in brightfield light environment and microscope image capture and analysis with the moderate frame rate.


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Sensor & Size(mm) 3.1M/MT9T001(C) 1/2"(6.55x4.92)
Pixel(?m) 3.2x3.2
G Sensitivity 1.0 V/lux-sec
FPS/Resolution 12@2048x1536 32@1024x768 45@680x510
Binning 1x1,2x2,3x3
Exposure 0.244ms~2000ms
Dynamic Range 61dB
SN Ratio 43dB